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Frozen in Time, Michelle Elliott

Frozen in Time, Michelle Elliott

Dimensions: 8”x10”

Sold unframed.

 This photograph was part of the Hospice’s Photography Competition for our 2024 calendar. Based on the theme of Belonging, this competition was the first of its kind for the Hospice and contributed significantly to our creative engagement with people and their communities and their sense of belonging in the world. People interpreted and approached this theme in many and different ways, resulting to a wonderful range of photographs including people’s sense of belonging in terms of community, nature, family, faith, hobbies or work.

Frozen in Time, Michelle Elliott

‘Frozen in time’  was taken following an ice storm in Canada. The cyclical seasons and their productive and dormant phases have been integral to me and my family as we all love to garden. We contribute to and are impacted by the rhythms and disruptions of our planet and our individual and collective choices.

Proceeds from the sale of this print will support the ongoing work of the Hospice and its Arts service. If you would like more information about this photograph or other artwork generated by the Arts team of the Hospice, please email

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